Seattle Property Management

The Seattle Property Management professionals at Westlake Associates offer property management and asset management services in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to maximize the investment value of various types of properties, including industrial, medical office, retail, multifamily apartments, and commercial real estate. We also strive to ensure long-term sustainability by overseeing all aspects of property upkeep, from building inspection and maintenance to facilities management.


From lowering operating expenses for our multifamily apartment clients in Seattle, to implementing preventative maintenance programs to using the latest technology to monitor repairs and maintenance requests, the Westlake Associates Property Management team provides you with value and peace of mind. We find quality tenants who will care for the property and raise its profile. Knowing the local Seattle market and how to improve your apartment building helps us achieve the highest market rates. And by reducing operating expenses, we manage budgets and improve overall value.


We have experience providing all property management services necessary to increase the cash flow and value of your industrial assets in Seattle. Unique industry-specific building types require unique tenants. Our professional leasing team is experienced in finding and placing tenants in all types of industrial buildings including warehouse/distribution, manufacturing, cold storage, telecom, flex, light manufacturing, R&D, and showroom buildings. Employing customized marketing strategies, we enhance the value of your industrial asset, identify the most suitable tenants, manage the entire leasing process from start to finish, and deliver the highest leasing rates in the market.


We partner with Seattle hospital administrators to get the most value from their real estate assets while providing the highest level of service to maintain critical systems for tenants. Operating a medical office building requires specialized knowledge and solutions, from HIPPA privacy codes, and handling medical waste, to meeting all ADA regulations. Our clients in the medical field range from Seattle area HMOs to individual practices. We have experience finding tenants for all types of medical office buildings: from large modern buildings adjacent to medical centers to smaller, mid-rise buildings on or near a medical campus to stand-alone medical offices and clinics elsewhere in the city. We add value for medical office building owners in the areas of managing risks and minimizing expenses to ensure financial health today and in the future.


Property management for Seattle retailers includes our signature care for improving your retail assets, both large and small. From ongoing maintenance to enhanced financial management that reduces operational costs while we upgrade key amenities to attract quality tenants, our services don’t just maintain, they improve the value of your property. We are keenly aware of trends in the retail sector in Seattle and continually look to improve the positions of our clients.


Mixed-use properties combining a variety of facility types with differing tenant needs are some of the most difficult to manage. Fortunately, as the mixed-use property segment grows in Seattle, where real estate is at a premium, Westlake Associates excels at managing these vibrant properties. We understand how to market these specialized spaces to attract valuable tenants to street-level business vacancies while also appealing to apartment seekers looking for a more urban life experience. From maintaining the property to enhancing facilities for both tenants and overall market value, we check every box, cross every “t” and dot every “i”.

Seattle waterfront photo showing the Big Wheel and Space Needle.