Lynnwood Property Management

Westlake Associates provides property management and asset management services in Lynnwood, Washington and nearby areas. Our objective is to enhance the investment value of different property types, such as industrial, medical office, retail, multifamily apartments, and commercial real estate. We also work to guarantee lasting sustainability by managing all property maintenance aspects, including building inspection, maintenance, and facilities management.


Our Westlake Associates Property Management team in Lynnwood reduces operating costs for multifamily apartment clients, establishes maintenance programs, utilizes advanced technology for monitoring repairs, and ensures value and peace of mind. We attract responsible tenants, enhance property reputation, understand the local market, optimize building conditions, and elevate market rates through cost reduction and budget management.


With our extensive background, we offer a complete range of property management services aimed at boosting the revenue and worth of your industrial properties in Lynnwood. Different types of buildings in this specialized industry necessitate specific lessees. Our expert leasing team is well-versed in securing and situating tenants across various kinds of industrial properties, such as warehouse/distribution, manufacturing, cold storage, telecom, flex, light manufacturing, R&D, and showroom buildings. Through tailored promotional tactics, we elevate the value of your industrial property, pinpoint the most fitting tenants, oversee the entire leasing procedure from beginning to end, and achieve the highest leasing rates available in the market.


We collaborate with Lynnwood hospital administrators to optimize their real estate assets and deliver top-notch service to support tenants’ critical systems. Running a medical office building involves specialized expertise and solutions, such as HIPAA privacy regulations, medical waste management, and compliance with ADA requirements. Our clientele in the healthcare sector includes Lynnwood -based HMOs and private practices. With our experience, we match tenants with various medical office building types: from large modern structures near medical facilities to mid-sized buildings within medical campuses, as well as independent medical offices and clinics across the city. We enhance the value for medical office building owners by handling risk management and reducing costs to promote financial well-being both now and in the future.


Our property management services for Lynnwood retailers prioritize enhancing your retail space assets, regardless of size. We provide ongoing maintenance and improved financial management to lower operational expenses, upgrade amenities, and attract high-quality tenants. Our focus is not only on maintaining but also on increasing the value of your property. We stay updated on retail trends in Lynnwood to enhance our clients’ positions.


Managing mixed-use properties that combine various facility types with differing tenant needs can be a challenging task. In Lynnwood, Westlake Associates stands out due to their expertise in managing such dynamic properties. We have a deep understanding of how to effectively market these unique spaces to attract valuable tenants for street-level business vacancies, as well as appeal to apartment seekers seeking an urban lifestyle. Our services range from property maintenance to facility enhancements, ensuring tenant satisfaction and increasing overall market value.

Aerial photo of Lynwood, Washington.