Mixed-Use, Multifamily, and Retail Property Management

At Westlake Associates Property Management, our property management and asset management services lower operational costs across a diverse range of properties. When it comes to mixed-use, retail, or multifamily property management, we excel at reducing operating expenses for our clients, implementing proactive maintenance strategies to extend property longevity, and advocating for building enhancements to drive down ongoing operational costs. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we closely monitor and manage all repair and maintenance requests, ensuring the seamless upkeep of your properties.


We understand what it takes to attract quality tenants to your multifamily property that can be assets and boost the property’s investment potential. We market your property with attractive and informative ads, review applications, check references, interview potential tenants, and present you with our recommendations. We find tenants who will treat your property with respect and we will work to maintain those tenants in your property via regular communication, anticipating their needs, and being proactive.


We research the strength of your competition and understand how to position your property against them, create massive visibility of your properties on our website and social media, build meaningful relationships with each tenant to reduce turnover,  work with you to renovate and improve your property’s amenities and services to attract higher quality tenants, and will successfully negotiate to achieve the highest market rates based on added value.


We have years of expertise in lowering operating expenses for our multifamily, mixed-use and retail clients. We review budget costs monthly to ensure that spending is in line with projected amounts, and we implement a preventative maintenance program to prolong the life of your property. We evaluate energy use to determine waste, and we embrace building upgrades such as LED lighting to lower operating costs going forward while using the latest technology to monitor all repairs and maintenance requests.

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Our tailored property management and asset management services are designed to maximize the potential and elevate the performance and value of your multifamily properties. We offer a range of unique solutions to optimize occupancy rates, streamline operations, and enhance resident satisfaction. From strategic marketing and leasing strategies to proactive maintenance and financial management, our team is committed to delivering results that exceed expectations. Whether you own a small apartment complex or a large-scale multifamily portfolio, Westlake Associates Property Management will provide innovative and effective management solutions tailored to your specific needs.


We specialize in comprehensive property management and asset management solutions tailored to optimize the performance and value and address the unique needs of mixed-use commercial buildings. From tenant relations and lease management to maintenance coordination and financial oversight, our team is committed to ensuring the seamless operation and maximum profitability of your mixed-use assets. Whether you’re a property owner, investor, or developer, Westlake Associates Property Management will deliver personalized management solutions that exceed your expectations and drive success for your mixed-use commercial ventures.

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Retail strip mall in Seattle requiring property management.


We specialize in delivering unparalleled property management and asset management services tailored specifically for retail properties. We understand the dynamic retail landscape and offer a suite of unique solutions designed to optimize the performance and value of your retail assets. From strategic tenant selection and lease negotiation to proactive maintenance and marketing initiatives, our team is dedicated to driving foot traffic, maximizing occupancy, and enhancing the overall profitability of your retail building or paces. Whether you own a single storefront or a large shopping center, Westlake Associates Property Management provides innovative and effective management solutions that meet your unique needs and objectives in the competitive retail market.