Medical Building Property Management

To navigate the real estate life cycle, healthcare systems require immediate and future solutions for each medical building they own. Partner with us and we will build value for you, your assets, and your tenants, securing your real estate future.


We are experienced in finding tenants for all types of medical buildings:

Class A: Modern buildings located immediately adjacent to a hospital or a major clinic, usually developed for the hospital or leased from a parent corporation.

Class B: Low- to mid-rise, well-managed and well-appointed buildings located either on a hospital or a medical center’s campus, or within close proximity.

Stand-alone: Small buildings usually built to accommodate a single or group practice.

Medical building lobby with people on stairs
Medical staff meeting around a table


We provide valuable assistance in leasing medical buildings. Hospital administrators in charge of leasing a property may not be familiar with such terms as gross versus net leases, expense stops, common area factors, indemnity clauses, hazardous and biohazards provisions, waiver of subrogation, and other lease language. Westlake Associates Property Management has the expertise and experience to ensure that we will negotiate the top market rental rate for your medical office investment.


We understand operating a medical office building can be a daunting task for countless reasons like after-hours access, HIPPA privacy codes, janitorial and medical waste requirements, meeting all ADA regulations, and more. We add value for medical office building owners in the areas of managing risks and minimizing expenses. We embrace the use of technology that can automate and streamline small business functions, evaluate variable costs and identify services that you’re no longer using, and identify and correct areas of waste so you can improve the financial health of your medical office asset.

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