Industrial Building Property Management

Our team understands that different commercial properties require different approaches to property management. Industrial properties serve as essential venues for producing, storing, and distributing the goods and products the global economy needs. We are experienced in providing all the property management services necessary to increase cash flow and shareholder value of your unique  industrial asset.


Not all industrial tenants are the same. Unique building types require unique tenants. Our leasing professionals are experienced in locating and placing tenants in all types of industrial buildings, including, warehouse/distribution, manufacturing, cold storage, telecom, flex, light manufacturing, R&D, and showroom buildings.

Trailers lined up at a warehouse facility loading dock.
Large industrial interior space


We work to enhance the value of industrial real estate assets by strategically marketing the property through customized marketing strategies, identifying suitable tenants, and managing all the steps associated with the leasing process. We develop a comprehensive leasing program specific to the unique asset to position and lease the property at the highest rate in the market.


We are skilled at reducing operating expenses, whether in a single-story light manufacturing building or a cold storage or telecom building. We encourage our clients to embrace modern core technology systems that are automated, and easy to integrate with security, HVAC, lighting, and more. We suggest our clients practice predictive maintenance rather than preventive maintenance, utilizing automated systems to determine when equipment will need servicing based on collected data to reduce emergency repairs, minimize labor costs, and extend the life of the building’s equipment, saving costs in the long run.

warehouse interior with goods stacked high on shelves


  • Seventh Avenue Industrial SoDo Seattle

    Seventh Avenue Industrial SoDo Seattle

    Seattle, Washington

  • Andover Industrial Park Tukwila

    Andover Industrial Park Tukwila

    Tukwila, Washington