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Ameriprise Mid-Year Update

Growth has slowed in the economy’s most interest-rate-sensitive sectors of housing and manufacturing, but we see spending by consumers and businesses as having remained sound. …Read More

Spring edition Commercial Investment Real Estate: Proptech’s Golden Age

COVID-19 impacted many areas of commercial real estate, but it also exposed areas where strategic technology can make a big difference in everything from operational savings to tenant satisfaction…Read More

CCIM 2022 Q1 Economic Report

In Case You Missed It – Don’t be a Wile E. Coyote. Presentation by K.C. Conway, Chief Economist for CCIM Institute.…Read More

CCIM Winter 2022 Commercial Investment Real Estate

Coworking’s next act, what commercial real estate-related legislation is coming in 2022, how technology can help you market properties and more. To download a PDF version of the latest…Read More